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Elder Abuse and The National Careline Helpline

15 January 2021

Elder abuse is a subject that is very upsetting to talk about but a great many of the callers contacting The National Careline helpline are calling for help because someone that they care about, or they themselves, are being abused. The abuse can be physical or financial, often both, and in the majority of cases, […]

Improve your cyber security

09 December 2020

Due to coronavirus, more of our followers at The National Careline will be looking to do their festive shopping online this year. This means more opportunities for hackers to carry out cyber attacks. They often do this by targeting people and businesses using: * email and website scams* malware – software that can damage your […]

The benefits to your mental and physical health from Gardening

04 November 2020

If you were to carry out a poll of the most popular pastimes carried out by people in their spare time in the UK today, gardening would almost certainly rank at the top or very close to it and it is not hard to see why, as it is a very popular activity that brings […]

Staying on the right side of the Inland Revenue

08 October 2020

In these difficult times when an income can be spasmodic, many people are struggling to maintain a regular income and the last thing they need is to fall foul of the Inland Revenue by not having enough money to pay their tax. This is where the services of TaxAid:  and Tax Help for Older […]

Benefits Card 20/21 Now Available

21 September 2020

A quick blog post to let everyone know our Benefits Card for 2020/2021 is now available to buy. At The National Careline we continue to produce informative guides to help you. The most popular is the Benefits Rates Card which is updated every year and details your entitlements. Make sure that you’re not missing out […]


21 August 2020

We shouldn’t complain about the hot weather we’ve had over the past few weeks really, but please remember that not everyone can tolerate it. Some people are very affected by extreme heat. When weather conditions are extreme, whether hot or cold, the elderly and those needing care are especially vulnerable. This situation is compounded with […]