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03 November 2022

COST-OF-LIVING CRISIS WILL FORCE OLDER AND DISABLED DRIVERS OFF THE ROAD, IMPACTING MENTAL HEALTH The cost-of-living crisis will force more than half of older drivers to make fewer journeys and limit their own mobility, according to a new survey by leading disability motoring website MotaClarity. The poll of more than 1,000 drivers aged 50 and […]

The Disabled Sailing Association is a Torquay-based sailing charity

27 October 2022

“Our aim is, wherever possible, to give everybody, no matter what theirdisability, the opportunity to enjoy the experience of sailing in a safe andenjoyable environment, and to encourage them to be involved in an activitythat many believe they are excluded from.The fun and freedom of being out at sea, enjoying the social contact ofothers, working […]

Asda Announce Winter Warmer Scheme

13 October 2022

Asda is offering over 60s some soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffees for £1 as part of its new ‘winter warmer’ initiatives to support community groups struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.  The offer can be taken up in any of the supermarket’s 205 cafes all day and every day throughout November and December, […]

Paws Protect

11 March 2022

In our latest blog we shine the spotlight on the wonderful work done by Paws Protect to help victims of domestic abuse to get free from the people who are abusing them. Our helpline takes many calls from people suffering controlling and coercive behaviour and many victims will suffer the abuse as they are worried […]

Home Selling Fraudsters

17 January 2022

What would you do if you returned home after an extended stay away to discover that your home was in the process of being sold without your knowledge?   This all sounds a little far-fetched doesn’t it but, did any of you hear the December 27th edition of You and Yours on Radio 4 about […]

Are older people’s rights being eroded by the application of too many rules now??

01 November 2021

On several occasions I have had callers say that they cannot visit their loved ones in a care home  when they want to. They can’t take Mum or Dad back to their old home to enjoy some time there and gather more belongings that they would like with them in the home.  I know we’ve […]