Benefits Table - April 2022/2023 (amounts paid per week)

Basic State Retirement Pension

Single £141.85
Couple £226.85
Age Addition over 80 years £0.25
New State Pension £185.15

Attendance Allowance

Higher Rate £92.40
Lower Rate £61.85

Carers Allowance

Carer £69.70 (payable only if not earning more than £132/wk after deductions)

Pension Credit

Standard Amount £182.60
Couple Standard Amount £278.70
Single Savings Credit Threshold £158.47
Single Savings Credit Maximum £14.48
Couple Savings Credit Threshold £251.70
Couple Savings Credit Maximum £16.20

Severe Disability Premium

Individuals £69.40
Couple (both) £138.80
Carer £38.85

Capital Allowances (disregarded for Pension Credit)

Living at home £10,000
Living in a care home £10,000

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was phased out from March '13 and replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in all areas except for Northern Ireland.

Care Component

High £92.40
Middle £61.85
Low £24.45

Mobility Component

High £64.50
Low £24.45

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Daily Living Component

Enhanced £92.40
Standard £61.85

Mobility Component

Enhanced £64.50
Standard £24.45

Funded Nursing Care - (formerly RNCC)

England (paid by NHS)

£209.19 - or for those on high band rate pre 1/10/07 - £287.78

Wales (paid by the local Health Board)

£179.97- any increase is at the discretion of the local Health Boards

Northern Ireland (paid by the Health & Social Care Trust)


Scotland (paid by the Local Authority)

Personal Care £193.50
Nursing Care £87.00
Personal & Nursing Care £280.50

Local Authority Support Thresholds


Upper Limit £23,250
Lower Limit £14,250
Personal allowance £25.65


Upper Limit £50,000 for residential care and
£24,000 for non-residential care.
Care is funded when capital is below these limits.
Minimum Income Amount £33.99

Northern Ireland

Upper Limit £23,250
Lower Limit £14,250
Personal allowance £28.01


Upper Limit £28,750
Lower Limit £18,000
Personal allowance £28.12

Contribution rate £1 per £250 between upper and lower limits