Housing plays a very important part in a person’s welfare and the maintenance of good health. It is therefore very important that a person's house is dry and warm with all trip hazards eliminated to prevent falls and property safety equipment such as grab rails and non-slip floors installed.

Many falls can be prevented by taking the following measures:

Following an assessment of your needs by your social services, you may be contacted by the Telecare service to provide advice on alarms and sensors to help keep you safe.

If you do have a fall

If you are in pain and CANNOT get up

If you can, try to move to a soft surface and try to keep warm by using anything nearby as a blanket. If possible, try not to lie in one position for too long and moving your arms and leg muscles as much as you can, will help to keep your circulation going and help to keep you warm.

If you need to pass water, try to do it on some newspaper or other material to soak it up so that you don’t lie in a wet area.

If you are not hurt and CAN get up

It is important that you let your GP know that you have had a fall as there may be a medical reason for the fall which may need treatment.