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Walk-in baths and showers – what to consider when buying

How many times have you bought an important product in your life, only to think afterwards, “If only I’d thought of….” XYZ etc.?

We all do it. And in today’s world where there are always so many products to choose from, each offering different levels of design and features etc., it really is harder than ever. But it seems almost impossible to really think of everything you need to until it’s too late to change it because you’ve already been using it for weeks.

The UK’s main supplier of walk-in baths and showers is a company called Mobility Plus, which has installation teams covering the whole of the UK. The company can also instal any complementary products you need in your bathroom, such as wall and floor coverings, shower trays and enclosures.

It’s important that you ask questions about how the thermostatically controlled baths and showers work exactly, how reliable this is, and if it’s possible for you to be able to test any products. A walk-in bath fills up gradually with you already in it – so accurate temperature control is absolutely vital. Another safety issue to consider is that the bath or shower base has a non-slip surface and that the flooring in your bathroom is also non-slip.

For further information on the best kinds of walk-in baths and showers available to purchase, visit today. Their team of experts will help you find the very best product to suit your needs.