Worcester Hearing Centre Limited

Worcester Hearing Centre 5 The Cornmarket Worcester
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Worcester Hearing Centre is a family run, independent hearing centre, who specialise in all leading models of hearing aids, leisure and noise protection products.

We are the only full time independent hearing centre in Worcester, with fully qualified hearing aid audiologists, clinical ear care practitioners and the only centre that offers domiciliary visits to clients in Worcestershire.

We pride ourselves on being committed to excellent service and finding a solution that is suitable for your needs. As part of our excellent aftercare, we do home visits to personally monitor your progress.

Why Choose Us?

  • Qualified Audiologist in attendance every day.
  • Our state of the art hearing centre and clinical expertise allows us to offer outstanding services such as tinnitus management advice, ear wax removal, hearing protection and after care home visits are available on request.
  • We are the premier supplier of bespoke hearing aid systems and tests in Worcester.
  • Popular additional services, including ear wax removal and tinnitus relief.
  • We select the world’s finest hearing technology from manufacturers’ laboratories across the entire market.
  • Saturday appointments are available.

Additional services include hearing aid consultations, clinical ear care (ear wax removal) and tinnitus management advice.

If you are a sportsperson, musician or work in noisy environments, we also offer leisure and noise protection products to keep you working and performing at your best.