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Staying on the right side of the Inland Revenue

08 October 2020

In these difficult times when an income can be spasmodic, many people are struggling to maintain a regular income and the last thing they need is to fall foul of the Inland Revenue by not having enough money to pay their tax.

This is where the services of TaxAid:  and Tax Help for Older People:  can prove to be invaluable. They support vulnerable, low-income, gig economy workers and older people still working who struggle with tax across the UK.

They can help you and other vulnerable people like you to take control of their finances by submitting their 2019/2020 tax returns this autumn rather than waiting until the January deadline. This is a free charitable tax service for those who cannot afford paid tax advice.

A tax bill is probably one of the largest debts facing the most vulnerable agency, day-rate and self-employed workers hit by Coronavirus. Completing a tax return for the 2019/20 financial year now enables you to know in good time what is owed and to plan how they can pay in January 2021 when it falls due. Payment plans can only be negotiated with HMRC in advance of the deadline.

They can support anyone in the community who is self-employed, working as a subcontractor in the construction industry or working through an umbrella company or through an agency. TaxAid can support you to complete your returns or do the returns for you. This information can give a more complete picture of a person’s finances and doing the return now also gives you time to save for the bill or negotiate with HMRC to repay the bill over time.

TaxAid are here to help with any questions about the returns and can mediate any communications with HMRC. They offer a friendly and demystifying service for what can feel a complicated and intimidating process.

Their help is completely free and confidential and people can call them on 0345 120 3779 Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm or email us at:

TaxAid: Company registered in England No. 3374001. Charity registered in England and Wales No. 1062852

Tax Help for Older People: Company registered in England No.4894491, Charity registered in England and Wales No.1102276, Charity registered in Scotland No. SC045819