Taking Advice

All financial advice is important, and for many older people, advice at retirement is extremely important. Many people fall into the trap of thinking it is easy and they can make retirement decisions without financial advice. However, Retirement advice is complex and unique for the following reasons:

Complex technical and behavioural factors

Retirement advice can be complex and unique because there are many more technical and behavioural factors to take into account than with other areas of financial advice.

A good adviser should have a good understanding of the technical matters such as how annuities and drawdown work and the various risks associated with each option.

They should also have a good understanding of the behavioural factors they may influence the advice process.

Behavioural biases

Behavioural biases can affect investment behaviour, but most people probably are not aware of the behavioural biases that influence their decisions. These include:

Why you should speak to us

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